Update Your Machine

The engine is one of the objects of human creation that can be damaged at any time. No lasting engines. When the engine is a bit problematic, it will immediately be brought to the service to be in check which ones need to be fixed. However, if the damage is fatal, you need to replace any device damaged. Because if you buy a new engine package, of course it is very unlikely due to high price and damaged goods would be a heap of junk.

dc servo motors Is one company that offers a wide range of devices needed by your machine. With a variety of designs that are modern, we offer devices that can make your engine like new again. In addition, we can design the machine so that you can work with maximum speed, or with a minimum speed. That way, it will accelerate your performance.

In dc servo motors you can get everything you need on the machine. Here we serve the servicing, sale and purchase of the machine, and also booking for designing the machine you want. Immediately get the best products that we offer. You can contact us by ordering online or come directly to our company so that you can review some of the products we have. We will provide the best service for your comfort and your satisfaction.
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Helping You Got Tax Relief

The laws governing the tax keeps changing from time to time and is quite difficult to understand. It is necessary to engage the services of a tax consultant when preparing to file and submit your business and personal taxes. It can significantly help you avoid mistakes. It is common knowledge that in exercising the rights and obligations of taxation is very complex, because it involves a lot of things. The tax system has a high complexity, not just the number of rules that very much, but also often change over time, coupled with the dissemination of optimal taxation authority is lacking. The condition causes the taxpayer's level of understanding relative inadequate.

It makes a lot of people or entrepreneurs who have to bear the tax burden, in the form of tax payable and tax penalties severe enough. As a result of not knowing exactly what the rights and obligations or wrong in doing tax obligations. But you do not need to worry, because we are here to help you. We can help you to irs tax relief. This can help you in dealing with tax issues, so you can pay the tax in accordance with the time you want.
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Easy way to speak japanese

If you want to learn japanese japanese it was very pleasant to you still a beginner. There are so many benefits when you come to learn japanese than you know how to speak japanese, you can also be an enormous. We offer you wanting to Rosetta stone japanese for the japanese.
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You Will Appear More Confident

You know, a lot of people who are not confident with his physical appearance? Many people who have weight problems, everyone must want to have the ideal body so their appearance will look more attractive. p90x workout is appropriate for you to use, this will help you get into shape quickly.
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Having A Fit Body Dream

Everyone generally wants to have a normal body weight or ideal to look proportional in which height and weight balanced. People who weigh less than ideal will usually look thin, while the above ideal weight will usually look fat. by utilizing insanity workout you will easily get your dream body suit.
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Eliminate Mold In Your Home

Whether the bathroom or basement smell mildew? Means the area is overgrown by many mold spores. In a damp, fungi can breed in just 24-48 hours because the humidity is a source of food for the fungus. Where there is dirt, wood, paint, paper, cotton or oil, that's where the mushrooms will flourish. If there is mold in your home it will be very annoying, because San Diego Mold Removal is here to help you.
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Using Bus to travel

If you want to go sightseeing with friends or family you then I suggest you to use the bus. Because of the way you use it will feel more comfortable. Buses can carry many passengers, so it is very suitable for those of you who are planning to go with a lot of people and a lot of luggage. The bus is a means of transportation that has many benefits and profitable. From now on you do not need to worry, because we are here to help you are in need of bus rental services. We are one group transportation the best, so when you need a bus for a variety of purposes, you can rent it to us.

We've been standing long enough, so we know what is best for you. Today is a lot of emerging companies that rent the bus. But not all of them are appropriate for you to use. You do not need to be confused to choose, because only we are the best for you. Bus fleet that we have very well-maintained and has a nice interior. It will increase your comfort when traveling. We work professionally, and try to provide the best service to our customers.
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Best Accident Lawyers

With a mediocre income you will definitely confused if your family was affected by the accident. Because you have to spend money to pay the hospital fees. But did you know that you actually can make a claim for an accident that happened. With the help of las vegas accident attorney all will go well.

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More Perfect Wedding

Everyone must crave the perfect wedding. And people want to get married once for a lifetime. This shows that marriage is a very important thing for a person. If you want to have a nice wedding gown you can entrust to us, as we are Best for Bride store.
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Get the Best electronic

The development of technology is very fast now. Now these electronic tools become more sophisticated, it will allow us to perform various activities. If you need an electronic device then immediately contact http://www.ezytronic.com.my. There you will get a quality electronic products at cheaper prices.
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Broker Services Professional

Selling a business is not easy. Necessary mutual trust. To sell itself definitely is difficult. Therefore you need the help of an experienced broker. business broker las vegas is the right choice for you to offer your business. Definitely will quickly anyone interested in the business you have to offer.

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Understanding the importance of couples

Quarrel or misunderstanding is part of a relationship, but it may be important to note that most of the obstacles that shows how you can deal with it. If you are going through a difficult time in your relationship, try to recognize your partner deeply.
The concept is very simple happy successful couples. It is aimed to understand each partner with a way to know if you really understand it.

By understanding and understanding then you will be better able to appreciate your partner. If you want to know more about the personality of a man or woman you can join campfirehypnosishypnotherapy.com
. There you will be more aware of the importance of maintaining relationships
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Advantages Of Paid To Place

according to what your online business profitable today? Actually business can learn in detail for those who want to benefit from the business. Do not worry that you run any business if you know how to run it. I advise to you to try paid to place.
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Making Wooden Houses

This is a good time for you to build a house made of wood. Ancient houses made of wood are more durable and also safe because it is made of wood. Therefore, the ancient house more durable than the house now. To help you in making wooden house we offer to you teds woodworking.
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Infection In Neck

Acute infections in the head and neck can cause Lymph nodes in neck. Swollen lymph nodes usually occur suddenly at home along with the fever. To find the source of infection treatment is focused around the neck and head, such as infections of the throat, respiratory tract, teeth and ears.
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Swelling In Neck

Often people complain of swelling in the neck. Some are accompanied by pain and fever. There is a rapidly growing, there is also growing very slowly. But there was also found that no other complaints at all. It is social signals. You have to treat it so as not to interfere with your activities.
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Singing With Both At Home with Friends

If you want to be able to sing well in front of your friends, then you deserve to try singorama. It is very appropriate you use to distribute your singing pleasure. It is able to provide you with the correct voice so you can sing well.
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Watch TV Through a Computer Become The Right Choice

Watching tv via computer into a right choice, is suitable for you who are going abroad, or busy work and of course there is also reason to watch tv online because its region is very weak transmitter network tv is blurred so as we have a software that will help you watching television Satellite direct.
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Importance of Electricity For Home

Electricity is an important energy source in your home. If you want to save more money then you deserve to use power4home. This is a great way to create a source of energy for your home. It's very inexpensive and can make you save a lot of money to pay for electricity.
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Used For Making Music

dubturbo was remarkable, this software is often used by both beginners and senior musicians to producing their own songs or music. how to make music, it may be that you are questioning. The trick is actually very simple, you can make good music and quality. Do not doubt this will be helpful for you.
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Pcos diet

To patients with PCOS, diet is a first step proper to overcome symptoms PCOS and effort to pregnant. PCOS diet not only to lose weight. However, many diseases can be reduced by diet regularly. You can run diet this to follow the given by physician who walk you in on a diet this.
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Addressing Eye Disorders Refraction

Lasik surgery done as a last effort. An eye doctor will take this path in dealing with the patient's eye refractive disorders, in which the patient was reluctant to wear glasses or contact lenses. Patients can be cured through surgery lasik total is basically the users glasses or contact lenses. Marc Werner, MD is the best experts if you want to do lasik.
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Technology rule the world

Right now the technology tools needed by everyone. Technology has dominated the world market and reach out across the country. This will allow you to open a business that is selling technology equipment. In addition, other opportunities are Repair Laptop, because the equipment of these technologies may not always in good condition.
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Hygiene is Important

Maintain the cleanliness of the genitals is an obligation for all people. Because of the genitals is one very important part of the body. Being in a humid area, causing the genitals would be easy to spot growth of bacteria and fungi. If you have YEAST INFECTION IN MEN, then you have to be overcome by means keeping it clean.
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The Best Piano Teacher

Looking for a good piano teacher is not easy. You must be smart choose to get proper criteria, so that you can learn quickly, and at a cost that is affordable. If you want to get those criteria, then the Rocket piano is the answer. They are experts in the field of international piano training.
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Gaining Muscular Body

To have a muscular body workout is not really necessary just to get a nice body, but also the food must be maintained. So what foods should be eaten in order to produce a body like that? All you need is; ah eat anabolic cooking.
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TV Online Very Different

Online television is different from a conventional TV. Both are showing a lot of similar events, but more diverse than the online television local television station which we used to watch at home or the cable TV subscription. It is time for you watch tv online, and you will see a variety of broadcasts.
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Treating Ear Pain

The ear is one of the most important part of the body. Because the ear is one of the lines of communication to be established the relationship between human beings. However, if the impaired ear, of course it would be very painful. Communication can be disrupted and we will be hard to get along with others. If you have Inner Ear Infection, then immediately seek treatment.
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Ertiga By Maruti

Suzuki is one of the Japanese automobile company is very well known throughout the world d. The company has issued many different types of cars, and the product is quite popular in the market. In fact we can find products from Suzuki in various countries. Currently Suzuki releases new product that is Maruti Ertiga.

Ertiga by Maruti has a very nice and interesting, even the interior of the car is very nice and makes it convenient for driving. It will be enough cars sold in the market, due to various advantages of consumers will be comfortable while driving.
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Helping To Meet Needs

The fate of the workers at this time could be said to be very concerned, because what they provide does not match what they receive in this case their income is quite small, the income level is not able to meet the needs of these workers. Armed with a salary that is small enough, then to pay for the necessities of life are more expensive, would not be enough especially if you are married and have children. Sometimes there are needs that arise suddenly and require money to be able to fulfill it. For example, there are families who are sick and need treatment costs, it would be very confused. One step that can be done in such situations is to seek a loan.

It is now a lot to offer loans loan, but not everything is right for you. Especially if you have bad credit score, can be sure you will find it hard to get a loan, it is because many lending institutions do not believe you. But you need not fear, we are here to help you. We have a loan that is not the person's credit rating, so anyone can get a loan, including those of you who have bad credit score. loans now for bad credit you must be free of financial problems that are befalling you.
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Natural Herbs has an efficacy supplement.

Many ways to lose weight, but you must choose the right way so that the outcome will be good. In choosing a weight loss product, I recommend that you use herbal supplements, because the product is made ​​from natural materials, making it safe for consumption. Herbal supplements have helped many people to lose weight naturally. To that end, the message waiting herbal supplement is now also in http://www.loseweightinsevendays.com.
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In Doubt, That Greece Give Signals Progress

results review the troika, namely the International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and the EU Commission, during the last week signaled Greece to show progress. However, this does not mean the country would not come out of the European Union.

Final decision will determine whether Greece will receive a disbursement of bailout funds worth 4.2 billion euros of total value of 240 billion euros (297 billion U.S. dollars). The funds should be given at the end of June.

According to economist Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia, Lana Soelistianingsih in Jakarta, Monday (06/08/2012), this bailout disbursements will save Greece from default on bonds that mature on August 20 was valued at 3.1 billion to the ECB.

Final decision is related to the approval of the Greek to cut $ 11.5 billion euros for fiscal year 2013 and 2014. Greece also had to lower the deficit ratio to GDP from 9.1 percent in 2011 to 7.3 percent in 2012.

"Previously, many doubt the Greeks managed to show progress, but expectations Greece out of the euro zone remains high," says Lana.
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Heartline Greysia Polii and Meiliana Jauhari

The only Indonesian women's doubles pairs who competed in the 2012 London Olympics, must accept the bitter truth when disqualified by the BWF (Badminton World Federation). Greysia Polii / Meiliana Jauhari be in breach of the code of conduct for intentionally beat in the preliminary round Group C on Tuesday (31/7) in order to avoid the pair Wang Xiaoli / Yu Yang in the quarter-finals.

"We were trained by seniors who already have experience worldwide, we are prepared to lose. But we are not prepared accused of cheating "said Meiliana expresse kekecewaanya over this incident.

Disqualification decision is a blow for Greysia / Meiliana. Imagine, for four years to prepare them to get maximum results in the most prestigious sporting event. Struggling to qualify for the Olympics was undertaken Greysia / Meiliana not only with the droplets of sweat, but also tears.

"After a second thought, there must be sorrow. But thank God for the same circumstances, this is better than sad. As a player of course this makes us upset, but at least we've tried and finish the game "said Greysia a brave attempt to face this ordeal.

Greysia had suffered an injury to his right shoulder when he fell while playing at the Taipei Grand Prix Gold Open 2011. Achievement of this pair was later dropped to a few times they should be eliminated in early rounds. No doubt Greysia that he had a tough time to make it fall up and almost desperate. But with persistence and patience, he and Meiliana finally get up and qualifying for the Olympics.

Has not ended their journey at the Olympics, both incidents have involved the manipulation of the game that was banned and continue the struggle for Indonesia. Unfortunately it all must end Greysia / Meiliana a very painful way.

Both claimed was shock and disbelief of what was happening. However, rice has become porridge, for Greysia / Meiliana, there's no point in the protracted grief, yet this decision it was all over and there was nothing they could do.

"Well what can we do, maybe God has a plan that is more beautiful to us. It certainly disappointed, but we will fight back with the achievement "said Meiliana, PB Djarum players from this club.

In line with Meiliana, Greysia also cover the grief and trying to look tough on career issues facing tangkisnya fur.

"I feel sad when I can not play badminton again, I never felt it at the right shoulder injury yesterday. So now there is no reason for me to be sad and give up. Because I can still play badminton anyway, with a normal hand ... "said Greysia which is the player was born August 11, 1987.
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Dare to Try Sate conch?

Eating meat chicken, fish, or beef was used. But every now and then taste the delights of snail meat chewy nan to break the fast. Dare to try?
This satay skewers toetoet name to differentiate it from others.
- Hironimus

Conch rice was very good when used as a side dish or just eat a snack. Unless you are the Sundanese, Tutut satay name may sound somewhat strange to the ear.

The word "Tutut" is derived from the mean snail Sundanese fields. Later, sate Tutut a favorite snack is much sought after by some of the people of Jakarta. Roadside stalls selling satay Tutut started popping up in Jakarta.

One is the only Sate Toetoet Sumartini mother. This shop is located on the edge of the Bridge Toll Jagorawi, Cililitan, East Jakarta. The owner of a couple named Hironimus and Suhartini.

"Satay skewers toetoet this name to distinguish with the other," said Hironimus.

As the name implies, sate Tutut use snail main ingredient of processed rice. Conch fields obtained from the manufacturers of the various areas such as Cirebon, Depok, and other areas.

"What we select the finest quality snails, from the various regions Cirebon, Depok, a lot is," he said.

In the manufacture of skewers, previously selected snails big ones. Then the snails were washed by soaking. Then, the flesh had been gouged out of his shell. Only then, pan-fried meat. One skewer, consisting of five to six snail meat.

In addition to sate, there are also soups Tutut. The material is no different to sate, ie snails chosen fields, but small ones. Conch washed and then boiled with various spices such as turmeric, galangal, lemon grass and leaves.

One trick Hironimus snails are in the process by soaking the rice water use. He did this to eliminate the fishy flavor and dirt stuck to the snails.

"We also do not wear mecin, so everything naturally from herbs and spices," added Suhartini.

Soup taste very fresh spices from the marinade. Snails or Tutut taste very delicious and chewy, which together with the additional flavor of meat.

While enjoying the skewers and soup, is more stable if it is equipped with a peanut sauce with a little lime juice and soy sauce. In addition to delicious, Tutut also believed to have medicinal properties as the others, namely liver, gastritis, and hepatitis B.

Hironimus admitted some time ago he was suffering from acute liver disease, and almost died. However, after the snails regularly eat soup, the pain gradually improved.

Like the merchant side of the road, do not be surprised to see this Suhartini Toetoet Satay stall. He made the trunk of the car as satay stalls, visitors can eat satay with Lesbian on the pavement.

"I deliberately made this so unique, so passersby can immediately see, the curious and buy," said Hironimus.

The price for one portion of satay is very cheap at Rp 10,000 contains ten skewers. Can also be purchased per skewer skewers at Rp 1,000. As for the soup, the price of Rp 3,000 per bowl. If you want to be wrapped and taken home, sebungkusnya for Rp 5,000.

If you're curious to taste the Sate Toetoet this, you should arrive early. During the month of Ramadan, Hironimus satay stalls start opening at 16.30. Skewers and soup straight out attacked buyer within a few hours.

"Most buyers who come before the sunset, it may be a square meal for them, and also after returning tarawih prayer, much to come over here," he said.

Since it first opened a month ago, Public Sate Toetoet always busy shoppers. Buyers who know the delights of homemade soup and satay always come again and again.

Such as Hendra, one of which found buyers Kompas.com. According to Hendra, he is one of the customers who frequent this satay stall because it is cheap and it tastes delicious.

"Pain tututnya chewy and the price is also affordable. I often come here, yesterday I was also exhausted from here," he said.
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Shredded Meat Not Easy To be Destroyed

Shredded meat eating friends can be a side dish of rice a practical, especially if you do not have much time to cook. Once cooked shredded, you can store it in the jar to be used as a side dish when you need an additional side dish.

Shredded not actually make it difficult, just takes patience and a long cooking time.

"A lot of people who think making it difficult and complicated shredded, but easy and bumbunyajuga easy," said Bara Pattiradjawane culinary expert, cooking demonstrations at the event in Epicentrum Walk, Brass, South Jakarta, some time ago.

Abon can be made from various types of meat such as beef and chicken. However, to be more enjoyable should not make too shredded with a smooth texture. Bara added, if the texture is too smooth then taste the meat will be less pronounced. Shredded to produce a texture that is perfect, it was suggested to menyuwir beef or chicken that has been fried by hand.

Avoid menyuwir meat with a knife edge. This method is more practical and faster, but will make the meat too fine and is destroyed when cooked. Long cooking process, in which meat must be stirred constantly to shrink and crumble the meat mushy.

"If disuwir by hand, the meat still has a larger size, so even if cooked long and stirring often will not easily crumble.
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Do not believe that "He is Everything"

Myriad raised people's perception of love. Some are realistic, some are in the clouds. One of which turned out to be categorized as in the clouds is the assumption that the he is the best. "He is everything to me," read the lyrics of old pop songs. However, you need to understand this notion just as the illusion of love. Why?

Positive illusions in love is actually needed, said Lubomir Lamy, PhD, a psychologist from France. Positive illusions help us build trust that the partner is the best option we have set. However, we also need to be careful because of excessive positive illusions can be bad. For example, a blind trust that our partners are the best people of the world more than anyone, and the only one who understands us, so we can not live without it.

Talk of love, according to David Dewo Widagdo, CHt, marriage and relationship counselor in Jakarta, is to talk about feelings and emotions that need to run balanced with logic. Well, excessive illusions occur when logic does not work well in assessing the couple.

To get around this illusion, the criteria for what makes a person's good. Then, check and re-check with some other people, whether the criteria that we make are the right approach. Then, we adjust the evaluations are based on the criteria of this pair. It will be seen whether our assumptions about the partner are likely to objective or subjective.

However, do not get here. David adds, lies the next problem is people tend not to recognize what other people said if it does not conform to his expectations, so he ignores. For that, we need to remind ourselves, that a lot of friends or others pass judgment "minus" of the couple then it's worth thinking about the truth of these inputs. If true, and we continue to ignore, then maybe it means we are blinded by love.
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Bustling, noisy Ultrabook Price Reduced

big vendors such as Acer, Lenovo, and Hewlett Packard (HP) would lower their prices this year Ultrabook.

The price decline started in North America in welcoming the newest Ultrabook models with Intel processors Ivy Bridge.

With the latest processors from Intel, the Ultrabook will have better graphics capabilities to longer battery power.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini had said the new processor can save power consumption up to 30 percent electricity and can last up to 10 days, although only in a single charging.

On the graphics side, will give 37 percent faster than previous processors. In terms of size, Ivi Bridge using the fabricated 22 nm, while Sandy Bridge is 32 nm.

Based on the source of the quoted retail channel Digitimes, PC vendors are expected to cut Ultrabook lawasnya series of up to 21-25 percent of its original price.

For example, Acer Aspire Ultrabook S3-951 hard disk drives that use has now dropped to 799 dollars from the original price of 899 U.S. dollars in North America.

Meanwhile, Lenovo and HP respectively Ultrabook lowering its prices by 25 percent and 21 percent of its original price of 1595 U.S. dollars (Lenovo IdeaPad U300s) and 900 U.S. dollars (HP Folio 13).

HP itself is now preparing to release Ultrabook Envy Spectra 14 in Taiwan on February 8, 2012. Ultrabook second generation is going to have a striking design with glass and has a screen resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels, with a starting price of 1400 U.S. dollars.
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The military junta Buru Mali President Toure

Tuareg rebels moving from north to south in an attempt to occupy the position vacated by government forces, sources said. While the rebel army in the capital trying to accomplish a coup by capturing the presidency.

MNLA insurgents near a small town in northern Mali desert, apparently trying to take advantage of the confusion created by the attempted coup in Bamako, Mali's capital, which made low-ranking soldiers are angry about government's handling of the rebellion.

Until late Wednesday night (21/03/2012), the rebel troops had taken control of the presidential palace, stormed to control television stations and the streets of Bamako. However, the presence of President Amadou Toumani Toure is still unknown, officials said.

Mali, which is flooded by a man and his post-war weapons in Libya, including a crisis rocked by a variety of ethnic Tuareg-led insurgency, the threat of rising religious and food crisis - long before the rebel army.

An army officer in the town of Kidal Mali, north of the country, said the rebel army has occupied military barracks in Anefis, 100 kilometers to the south-west, after the retreat of government forces.

"The military has been drawn to the GAO," said one source who refused to be named in Timbuktu, the other major towns in northern Mali, told Reuters. "No more military leadership. (Militants) will master a variety of small towns in the north," he said.

MNLA insurgents, whose numbers have increased by people of Mali Tuareg tribe who had just returned from military duty in Libya, has been fighting the government since mid-January for an independent homeland in northern Mali.

They have urged government troops to a remote small town but has not threatened the regional capital, Kidal, Timbuktu and Gao.
Rebels on Thursday (3/22/2012), promised to take advantage of the chaos as senior military and civilian in the northern region were arrested by the rebel army.

Sporadic exchange of gunfire occurred in Bamako, Thursday late night, and most streets deserted but the rebel soldiers roam in Mali's capital city with a truck, motorcycle and on foot.

Be protected

The presence of President Toure is not known definitely but some in his camp officials and diplomats said they believed he was protected by a group of loyal soldiers. During 10 years of leadership, Toure managed to create a relatively stable state.

Army rebels said they would launch an attack against parachute regiment which they believe protects the president of Mali.

"We will finish this evening," said a soldier at a petrol station which was abandoned in the city.

Toure (53), former personnel paratroopers who seized power in 1991, got the nickname "Soldiers of Democracy" in the West African country and had been preparing to hand power in April, after the general election.

Neighboring countries of Mali, the United Nations and world powers from France to the United States called for a return to constitutional rule.
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Perfect Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Stoner Rate Pressure

Yamaha rider Jorge Lorenzo, swept the Italian Grand Prix free practice. After yesterday became the fastest in the first two sessions today, the Spaniard was again the best time to carve the last free practice on Saturday (07/14/2012).

In fact, in this last exercise Lorenzo set a new record for a record time at the Mugello circuit, which is 1 minute 47.584 seconds, beating the record time of Casey Stoner in 2010 when he was with Ducati, which is 1 minute 48.034 seconds. Nevertheless, the 2010 world champion is strong pressure from the duo Repsol Honda's Dani Pedrosa and Stoner.

Pedrosa, who also appeared consistent as always in the back of Lorenzo, just 0.095 seconds adrift. This Spanish duo seems to be a tight battle in the 2012 MotoGP series is the ninth. But they also must take into account the Stoner, who this time 0.289 seconds slower.

The fourth position occupied by teammate Lorenzo, Ben Spies. 2009 World Superbike world champion beat the rival of Tech 3 Yamaha satellite team, Andrea Dovizioso and Cal Crutchlow, who are respectively fifth and sixth. Apparently, Spies should be ready to fight with Dovizioso and Crutchlow, who is very ambitious to take a position on the factory Yamaha team.

Nicky Hayden became the fastest rider for the Ducati team. 2006 world champion is to inhabit the seventh position, followed by the satellite Pramac Ducati rider, Hector Barbera and LCR Honda rider, Stefan Bradl. Valentino Rossi, unbeaten at Mugello since 2002-2008, complete the composition of the top 10 the last free practice, with a coherence time of 1.158 seconds.
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Try painting the kitchen cabinet "Jadul"

How busy in the kitchen of your activities, does not mean you can not fix this room. Kitchen interior processing does not necessarily require you to buy a new product, especially if budget is not ready. The easiest way is to make improvements to the existing kitchen equipment, such as fixing a kitchen cabinet that already looks worn, dull and faded.

This old kitchen cabinet can appear attractive simply by repainting the cabinet and replace door handle or grip. Well, what materials need to be prepared?

A way to restore the old kitchen cabinet, you need to prepare paint a tin timber with a size of 1 kilogram is also adapted to handle the amount of grip on the kitchen cabinet. While for his tools, prepare a screwdriver to remove and install screws cabinet doors, a brush to paint, sandpaper to smooth the surface of the cabinet, a sponge to scrub and clean the cabinet, as well as drill holes to make a new handle if necessary.

Step process, so you can easily while painting, you can start by releasing all cabinet doors, including door hinges. Then, remove all items that are not mixed or confused with each other.

Next, remove the handle of the drawer and cabinet door using a screwdriver. If you replace the handle of a model of two screws with a screw, you need to make new screw holes on cabinet doors. Do not forget to cover the old screw holes with the former compound.

Next, wash the surface of the cabinet and the door using a detergent and a sponge, then dry. Afterward, abrasive surfaces and cabinet doors. Use a dry cloth to clean the dust-dust. Paint the surface of the cabinet so that the uniformly repeated. Let stand until dry, at least 6 hours. Avoid drying the paint in an open space exposed to direct sunlight.

When the paint is dry, attach the new handle with a screwdriver. Then, attach the door hinges as well. Then replace the cabinet doors. To strengthen it while tightening use a screwdriver. This can make the cabinet door so flat and neat. Now, the old cabinet of new faces ready to liven up your kitchen.
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Government To Add Gold Reserves

The government has not ruled out adding Indonesia reserves in gold. Discourse that emerged after the gold for the first time this year became the largest contributor to inflation in August, beating rice commodities.

"Oh do not rule out the possibility, and also more than that," said Finance Minister Agus Martowardojo in his office, when Indonesia menanganggapi likely increase as the gold reserves, Tuesday, September 6, 2011.

According to Agus, the government could have studied the possibility that the future supply of gold can be sufficient for the country. "It's also our thoughts," he said.

In another part Agus assess the contribution of gold on the inflation increase is reasonable. Because the investor is generally transferred to the investment products in gold when developments tended to weaken the currency.

"So it was natural that investors are trying to preserve the value of money and then be interested in investing in gold, yes," he explained.

However, the minister said the government and Bank Indonesia will continue to press for the rate of inflation, core inflation in particular, may continue to be suppressed. The hope, the government has a wider space for contributors to the inflation of administered prices.

"If for example, core inflation could be pushed lower it will certainly make room for Indonesia which is being noticed there is room for energy to that caused by inflation in administered prices," he explained.

Separately, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa said, herga gold is now entering a period of bubble (bublle). Visible indication of the contribution of gold to August 2011 the inflation rate reached 0.3 percent.

"Inflation as a whole is still below 5 percent, there is the tendency of our core inflation rising, especially some of the factors we can see, gold, food volataile outside, it is not independent of global issues," he said.

Earlier, the Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Nasution as head of the authority that has control of foreign exchange reserves Indonesia said it would not increase its gold reserves.

The decision was taken because the current gold price is very expensive while the foreign reserves held in gold is still quite large.
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afraid to approach women

The fear of women is common among many men of all types of personalities. Fear of rejection and low self-esteem is a list of the top reasons why women are so afraid of going public. But it can be overcome. By the tao of badass you do not need to fear approaching women, because women will love you.
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Lifetime penalties for Hudson Family Murderer

Illinois state judge sentenced him to life imprisonment without parole may apply to the accused murderers of family members of Oscar-winning actress and Grammy singer, Jennifer Hudson.

William Balfour, the defendant's murder in 2008, accused of entering the family home without permission and shot Hudson Hudson's mother, Darrel Donerson (57), her brother Jason Hudson (29), and her nephew Julian King (7).

"Your heart as cold as the night in Antarctica, your soul segersang dark areas," said Patrick Burns Charls Judge Cook told Reuters.

Based on the witnesses, Balfour motive to kill is not jealous of his beloved wife, Julia Hudson, who often threatened to kill defendant and their family members.

Balfour received three indictments for life, with no opportunity to apply for parole, plus 120 years in prison for three murders and other charges, including kidnapping and entered the house without permission.

Balfour's attorney said they would appeal the decision.

Hudson, who dressed completely dark when the verdict in the trial, wiped his eyes several times. Hudson, Grammy award winner for his first album and an Academy Award for her role in Dreamgirls left the courtroom without saying anything.

Hudson was the first witness in the trial. Balfour claimed he knew since elementary school and never liked it.Lifetime penalties for Hudson Family Murderer
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DP Increase, Nissan is precisely Harvest Benefits

The increase in vehicle loans DP did not have a negative impact on car sales in the country. Car manufacturers would harvest a record profit with the highest sales during the first half of 2011.

Following the lead of Toyota, Honda and Suzuki which recorded high sales figures, Nissan also experienced the same thing. Throughout January-June, Nissan posted sales of 32 826 units. This figure increased compared to last year, which only reached 24 525 units.

In June, the NMI achieved monthly sales of 5925 units. Vehicles Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) belong to him, the Grand Livina to be the biggest proponent Championship with 17 471 units, an increase of 35 percent compared to the results in the same period last year.

While Nissan March of 5239 the market could absorb the unit and Nissan Juke, compact crossover sold 4737 units.

The MPV Nissan's newly launched Evalia succeeded in creating a strong sales momentum for the NMI. Launched in early June, the number of bookings (booking order) has reached 3500 units.

"The Birth of Evalia signifies Nissan as the only vehicle manufacturer that offers the most complete MPV segment. From Evalia at affordable prices, to the premium MPV, Nissan Elgrand," said Kintaro Izumida, President of NMI in a written statement to VIVAnews, Wednesday, July 4, 2012.

In fiscal 2012 (April 2012 to March 2013), NMI aims to achieve sales of more than 90,000 units with a market share of 10 percent.
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Travel Tips When "A visit" to the traditional village

Not all of the traditional village is a tourist village. Vice versa, not all rural tourism is a traditional village. Traditional village generally inhabited by people who are still holding strong ancestral traditions passed down from generation to generation.

Several indigenous villages in Indonesia have been developed as a tourist attraction. However, unlike the village offers a variety of tourist attractions to tourists, traditional village does not provide these attractions.

Because, life and culture of the society itself has to be lived tourist attraction for the tourists who come. Indigenous inhabitants of the village to uphold customary law prevailing in the village. Therefore, travelers should properly being polite to someone's home visit.

There are many traditional villages in Indonesia. Call it like a Bedouin village in West Java village of Tenganan in Bali, Kampung Tarung in West Sumba, to Dayak villagers in Borneo. Well, intending to visit these villages? Here are tips on visiting the village customs!

Not a tourist attraction

Most of the indigenous inhabitants of the village in Indonesia do not want to force her village as a tourist attraction. There is a presumption that a tourist attraction like the zoo became a place of recreation and spectacle.

Therefore, not all indigenous villages would be considered as a tourist village. Despite the fact that, some villages charge a fee for visitors who enter the village. Also several indigenous villages are managed by the local Department of Tourism and Culture.

Thus, act like someone who wanted to visit the homes of people who have known familiarly. Politely of course, both of behavior and speech.

Wear decent clothes

Neither the clothing worn. Wear clothing that is polite and avoid using the closed arms shorts.

Brought gifts

Nothing wrong time to stop by, you bring a little gift. Either just the typical snacks from your area, it could be T-shirt with your home area.

By-the other could have followed the local tradition. For example, if you visit the traditional village on the island of Sumba, or some parts of Papua, you can give a gift of betel and areca.

Make friends and chat

Do not just look around, but interact with the local community. Get to know the locals. Then build a long chat.

From this discussion, you can find out the uniqueness of local cultures and traditions. Well-known indigenous villagers are friendly and very respectful guests. They will be happy to talk at length with you about life in the village.

Talk with courtesy

Sopanlah when speaking, even in the choice of words when recalled. Use polite language. Avoid using harsh words are provocative and spoke harshly.

If your intent is to ask him to do something, ask politely, without using words or tone sent. Do not forget to say "thank you" in various occasions.

It's okay to joke, but select the appropriate words. Avoid harsh words even though the joke condition.

Learning the local language

Mastered a few words of conversation in local languages, as they say "thank you", "sorry", "bye", and congratulations on your time such as "good morning" or "good afternoon".

If you do not know, learn it from the local population. Then straight into practice at every opportunity. This is one way to appreciate the culture in the area you're visiting.

Greeted with a greeting the local language

Get used to greet someone appropriate greeting in the area. Travelers from Jakarta tend to call someone with the title "Mas" and "Ma'am". Even the call is still in use to someone outside the island of Java, though.

In fact, this term is not commonly spoken to call someone who is not from the Javanese. Even in West Java, this call was not appropriate. Because people usually wear Sunda "Akang" and "Teteh".

Compare also with in Papua, use the greeting "Pace" for "Father" and "Mace" to "Mother". While in some areas in Sumatra, such as Aceh and North Sumatra, the call is not unusual to substitute "Mas" and "Ma'am" is the "Bang" and "Sis".

Appreciate the local culture

Each village has its own beliefs and their own customary law. As a guest, respect local cultures and traditions to follow any rules adopted by the local population.

Sometimes, some things do not seem logical to you. However, it still honor that tradition. After all, you're visiting. Naturally you apply according to local culture.

Similarly, when listening to various stories of legend and myth in the village. Not all of them need to be debated to find the logical side of a story. Enjoy it and menyatulah with the local culture.

Take for example, for instance during a visit in the Bedouin village, do not turn on electronic equipment. Also, for example you are menstruating, do not enter the holy places in the village of Tenganan in Bali.

Accept what is offered

When visiting, visitors will be welcomed by the locals. Usually guests will be served by something or offer something in honor of the guests.

Do not reject the gift by the host. Take it and give thanks. In some villages in East Nusa Tenggara, the tradition of giving guests betel nut to be a regular thing.

Guests then menyirih with the host. If you are unfamiliar with betel nut, still receive the gift. People who settled in the traditional village offers a condensed time is not something to just make small talk, but out of respect for the guests.

Do not enter the home carelessly

The houses in the traditional village is always interesting to trace. You could have gone into the house to know better the architecture of a traditional house.

Just do not get into the house in vain. Say hello and permission to the landlord. Then, ask permission to the landlord if you can look into. Do not forget to take off footwear when inside.

Ask permission before doing anything

Sometimes, many tourists during a visit to an area, including the traditional village, taking photos around regardless. It is legitimate if the picture is taken is an inanimate object. But what if photographing people?

Well, before photographing someone, take the meet and greet, and then photographed. Ask for permission and do not forget to say thank you after selelasi shooting. Do it anyway if you want to take pictures or sacred objects belonging to a person.

Ask also if you want to do something. For example, went into the house of worship. A travel experience when following a traditional village could be your lesson. At that time, one of the tourists are interested in a kentongan and starts sounding.

By the local traditional leaders, their actions directly prevented. It turns out that sounded kentongan serves as a marker of time to pray.

Shopping handicrafts

In some indigenous villages, the people in the village used to make various crafts. Call it like the craft of weaving to braid.

Do not go home empty handed. Buy handicraft items are. Calculated you help the economy in the village. Bid is okay, as long as reasonable.
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Filters Prevent Infant Immunization Serious Post-event Follow-up

Every baby is about to be immunized should undergo screening by a competent medical officer given their physical condition is different. Thus, co-occurring serious pascaimunisasi not have to happen.

Thus the results of the study pediatrician and tropical disease expert Hindra Satari Irawan for the dissertation "Predictors of Events Add Pascaimunisasi (Kipi) Serius on the National Immunization Program: Develop Screening Card". A graduated Hindra received while defending his dissertation at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (medicine), Thursday (19/7).

As a promoter Professor of Pediatrics Faculty of medicine of Sri Rezeki kopromotor Hadinegoro and Professor of School of Public Health UI Bambang Sutrisna. The test team headed by Professor of Medicine School of Medicine Sarwono Waspadji.

According Hindra, effective immunization to prevent infectious diseases. However, as biological products, vaccines have side effects. "At least one serious incident Kipi per 5 million doses of immunization. The numbers are very low and should not have happened because it can be treated, "he said.

He explained, a number of serious cases of Kipi is followed by some phenomena, such as allergies, birth defects and even death. However, based on research, not all directly related to immunization.

Hindra propose the use of screening on infant immunization card. Before immunization, the officer gave the score at a certain threshold based on the results of the baby, such as CT scans, blood samples and other tests.

"Before the screening process of immunization done first to make sure the baby can be vaccinated or not. If the condition does not allow the baby, the baby was referred to another health service, "he said.

In principle that immunization is a medical act must be performed by competent personnel. Therefore, a special module for the immunization officers.

Role of vitamin K

To be ready to immunize infants, Hindra reminded of the need vitamin K to newborns. Giving vitamin K helpful to strengthen the baby and prevent blood clots as a form of Kipi, including cerebral hemorrhage pascaimunisasi.

One of the examiners, Professor of Pediatrics Faculty of medicine Ismoediyanto, say, over the years, cases of serious Kipi never been explored. Hindra research into the middle ground to prevent the emergence of serious cases of Kipi.
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5 Tricks Choosing a Career

Graduating college, but still confused as to what a career? The following five tricks can help you determine the career dreams.

1. Choose a career match your interests. Whatever is done according to their interests, will be easier.
2. Do not hesitate to consult with a professional career consultant to find what suits your talents and interests.
3. Make travel plans for this dream career. This will help us determine the career dreams.
4. Have found a career that fits with us? Continue by doing a little research. Skills such as what to have, what salary range, how the system works, and so forth.
5. To be more convinced, there's no harm in trying to dream career through an internship program. This will be the stock in the world of work and easier for us to know whether this work really suits us or not.
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Earn Money Extra

Everyone will want to earn extra income. Business online is one way that many use to get money easily. We offer you a program easy fb commissions that will help you get money easily. By using a FB account, you can earn.
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Skyscraper Fire Turkey.

Great fire engulfing a 42 story building in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. To extinguish the fire, local authorities reportedly fielded a fleet of fire and evacuation teams in large numbers.

so far no reports of injuries or related to those killed in the fire incident.

According to the TV channel TRT Haber luxury building known as the Polat Tower Residence is a luxury shopping center that also functions as an apartment in Turkey. Polat Tower Residence is itself located in the Besiktas district.

A number of residents who live in apartments in the building has reportedly been evacuated. But the news was revealed to have not known for sure the cause of the fire.
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The Best Place To Sell Car

If you are interested your new, used, leased, or financed vehicle quickly and safely and need a quote to find out exactly how much your car is worth, we found the right place for you RCO Cash For Cars http://rcoautosales.com. They pay cash for cars and most customers are satisfied because they will buy your car at a price higher than anybody else. If you wondering,"Where can I sell my car immediately?", contact them. Getting cash for cars NY is actually easier than you think!
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World Bank helps Infrastructure Indonesia.

World Bank Managing Director Sri Mulyani Indrawati said the World Bank is committed to help finance infrastructure projects in Indonesia.

Sri Mulyani expressed the importance of infrastructure in a bid to boost economic growth in Indonesia.

"We're going to use, not just funds, but also the expertise of the AFC, namely the World Bank's private sector, and even a MIGA (Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency)," she said after meeting President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Friday (07/13/2012).

MIGA, she said, aims to ensure a policy framework and a higher quality of infrastructure development based on good governance, as well as the qualities required for equitable development.

According to Sri Mulyani, who is also former Finance Minister, infrastructure development can not be fully charged to the budget revenue and expenditure (budget).

He stressed the importance of private sector participation in infrastructure building. Earlier, Vice President Boediono said Indonesia's economy promises.

Infrastructure sector, energy, finance, and others, continues to grow rapidly. Among the middle class in the country are increasing. This can be an opportunity for investment and trade.

"Indonesia has tremendous needs in infrastructure. This is a major challenge for our growth. By some estimates, Indonesia needs an additional 25 000 megawatts of electric power in 2020. Half will come from renewable geothermal energy. Indonesia also requires an additional 10,000 kilometers of roads in recent years, airports, ports, the new railway system, and others,
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Hayden: Moving to Superbike Only Rumors.

Nicky Hayden insists he still wants a career in MotoGP with the Ducati team. He admitted reluctantly switched to the Superbike series race event.

Reported back that the position of Hayden in Ducati team a little threatened. Because the Italian manufacturer to be associated with riders of Yamaha Tech3 satellite team, Cal Crutchlow, for next season.

Moreover, Valentino Rossi, who also joined the Ducati team hinted to stay with Ducati. This allows for ejecting the driver from the United States.

However, Ducati reportedly granted an option to reduce the Hayden in Superbike event. However, the MotoGP world champion in 2006 was firmly rejected.

"I never thought of it. Some say that I have talked with the relevant World Superbike Ducati. However, it was never discussed, "said Hayden, as reported by Autosport.

"It was just a rumor only. People say it is as if they knew everything, and it makes me laugh. The reason is, it shows that journalists really do not know,

30-year-old driver said that he is currently focusing on reaching the best position with Ducati, he himself is proud to be part of the Ducati which he had defended for five seasons.

"We have not achieved good results last season, and in the early half of this season. Perhaps, not as expected, but we'll see what happens later. I hope everything is going well with the support of the people at Ducati,
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Sect arrested in Papua New Guinea cannibals.

Police in a remote area in Papua New Guinea (PNG) arrested members of the sect of cannibals who is accused of killing seven people. This sect victims reportedly ate them raw brain and genitals male victim made ​​soup.

Approximately 29 people were arrested in the murder of this involvement. They are part of a sect which was formed to eradicate shamans are considered to take high pay, every procession to ward off evil spirits.

Some shamans are charging large fees for each process of the exorcism of the residents. In fact, they are also asking for an additional cost of a pig, a large bag and there are those who ask for sex as payment.

"Breaking the tradition and moral when a shaman asked for sex to one's wife or daughter, as payment of their shaman practices,

Locals who do not receive the shaman's act, perform acts of revenge by going after the witch doctor. As a result, seven people were reported to stretch his life. Pembunugan Biamb occurred in the village last week and the authorities had already arrested 29 people that eight of whom were women.

Community leaders said the manner of the 29 perpetrators of the murder is different from the traditional way of PNG citizens. Usually, when people are not satisfied with a shaman, they will complain to the person who has been trained to hunt witch doctor.

"It's crazy actions and behaviors kanibalime of the group had crossed the line of tradition," said a community leader PNG.

While the Madang Provincial Police Commander urged that more sect members are willing to surrender. It is estimated there are approximately another 1,000 people involved in this case.
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Ordering Furniture, Customizing Personality owners.

For business buy furniture, generally people of Indonesia "resigned" to buy what is shown by ritailer or distributor. In fact, the ordering and design their own, the furniture will further show the character and personality of the homeowner.

This was conveyed by Ardi Joanda, Founder and President of the Medici, while introducing some excellent products in Jakarta, Monday (07/09/2012) then. According to him, most consumers do not want to buy a custom made with a reason to wait longer to get goods orders.

"In fact, if consumers want to order, they will get the furniture according to the character and personality of each," he said.

In addition, continued Ardi, with ordering furniture, consumers are guaranteed would not get bored quickly. Through the reservation, he said, consumers create new standards according to their own volition.

"That's me, supposing it would be like. Since buying furniture is not like buying clothes that can be changed at any time. Once the purchase of furniture, it can not directly change," he said.

"We want to change this habit of ordering furniture and this will be the trend, especially for lovers of interior designing its own furniture. Two years, the response has been positive," he added.

Introduced the program "Me and My Sofa", for example, it provides services to choose bids and modifications to suit the imagination of consumers sofa. Ardi said the U.S. labeled product selection is not without cause.

"Most people looking for cheap, but quality and safety issues are ignored. Compromise on price, it also compromises on quality and safety. We chose the best products with guaranteed quality and security and consumer convenience,
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Differences in the Brain Lust and Love.

What is the difference of love and lust? The answer can be found from which part of the brain are activated. For the first time that scientists have identified the brain that are stimulated by feelings of love and lust.

The study, published Wednesday (20/6) in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, analyzed some 20 studies related to the effects of sex and love in the body.

The study also includes the human brain scans to see erotic images, photos of others associated with them, food, and other fun triggers.

According to investigators, the two parts of the insula and striatum of the brain is responsible for keeping track of where sex drive evolved to endear.

Lust triggers the brain that controls feelings of fun, which is associated with sex and food. But that love triggers the brain associated with the habit.

"We set a different language for love and sexual desire and addiction," says Professor of Psychology from Concordia University in Montreal, Jim Pfaus, who is also the lead author of the study.

"But really, they are all processed in the same place. When we see it, the term love at first sight may not be true. He has passion," he explained.

The brain treats love as a habit formed from time to time. So after lust, love may come. And feelings of love moving from different parts of the brain that processes reward habits and patterns.

It describes, in love as a habit formed when sexual desire appreciated. Brain mechanisms involved in monogamous and connections in a variety of relationships.

"The change from lust to love the bonding mechanism in touch".

Part of the brain that is triggered fun activities like good food and sex are also activated sexual appetite. And the parts involved in the process of love is also associated with drug addiction.
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The Reds Will example Spain.

If the previous style of playing Barcelona has always been a reference, it is now a mecca for the Spanish national team after retain the European Cup. Pilar Liverpool, José Enrique suggest to imitate the Spanish team next season if it is to no longer sinking.

Enrique believes, with the arrival of gaffer (manager) Wednesday, Brendan Rodgers, the Reds are capable of copying the style of La Furia Roja playing, especially with the style of Rodgers is known to train, likes to play the ball longer with Swansea City, last season.

"For me, it's style (ball possession) is the best way to play football, as applied to Spain, which is why they are the best team today.

"We are delighted with the new coach. With it, we will be able to control the ball more. I know he (Rodgers) happy with the dominance of the ball because he applies it when we fight against Swansea, last year, "continued the Spanish defender.

The arrival of Kenny Dalglish's successor to be Enrique brings fresh air in the squad for the Kop. The game was believed that he wanted it to be realized Rodgers. Need process indeed, but Enrique high confidence of his colleagues.

"The new Rodgers handles this team for a week but training with him was great. She applied the control of the ball with us, there's nothing I want more than that in the practice session, "continued the former retainer of Newcastle United.

"It is not easy, but for this exercise we look good. The squad is also filled with great players and can play like that. I think, this season we will look impressive.
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Leave Madrid, Pure My Decision.

Former Real Madrid captain Raúl González has denied the news that says he was forced away from the Santiago Bernabeu in the summer of 2010. Raúl asserted that his departure from Madrid is purely his decision.

After leaving the club capital of Spain, Raúl decided to join the Bundesliga club Schalke 04 for two seasons. Then in early summer, the 35-year-old player joined the club from Qatar, Al Sadd.

"I spent my best time there. I feel fortunate to be part of the generation of a spectacular and won numerous trophies, "said Raúl who defended Madrid for six seasons.

"My departure from Madrid is my personal choice. I have the rest of the season in my contract, but for the sake of new experiences, so I decided to join Schalke, "he continued.

Raúl last season together at El Real compromised physical problems. However, the owner of 550 caps in Madrid is skimmed over the state of tension between he and the stronghold of Los Blancos.

"I do not have any problems with the clubs and we are very good report card," added former duet partner Fernando Morientes, the
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Stop Reject Novel Read Porn, Chocolate Peanut thrown at this woman.

A man in England reportedly threw peanut butter to the chocolate lover. This action did after her lover refused to stop reading the novel is judged pornographic, Fifty Shades of Grey.

The man known named Raymond Hodgson admitted he annoyed to see his girlfriend Emma McCormick did not stop to read the novel until he decided to throw a chocolate spread.

"According to Hodgson's pornographic novel by Emma did not have to read literature like that,

Hodgson added defense this incident occurred after the couple had quarreled earlier.

"Not only is it throwing chocolate spread, but the man reportedly also had time to slap her lover," prosecutors said in court.

As a result of actions that Hodgson was forced to face charges of assault in public. He was ordered to pay compensation and Hodgson was a curfew schedule.

Although involved in the lawsuit, the couple is reportedly still a love affair.
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Shot man sword in Malaysia PM's Office.

Malaysian police shoot two people who draw the sword and destroy the cars outside the compound at the office of Prime Minister Najib Razak, the administrative capital of Putrajaya, Monday (07/09/2012). An offender was killed and another was wounded.

Local police chief Abdul Razak Majid said, a man and a woman appeared at the PM's office complex, Monday afternoon. Security officials forbade them to enter, but they immediately drew his sword toward the guards. As he entered the compound, smashing their cars are parked there.

According to Abdul Razak, the police had issued a fire because the couple were more aggressive after an attempt to appease them did not work. The man was shot in the arm, while his wife was shot in the leg. Abdul Razak revealed that male perpetrators died in the hospital.

Officials at the PM's office confirmed that when the incident occurred, PM Najib Razak was in her office.

Police are still investigating the motive for the attack action. According to Abdul Razak, both alleged members of a religious sect based on the recognition of the woman that her husband is the imam mahdi who tried to rid the world of injustice.
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ASEAN Focus Overcome Tension in the South China Sea.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said, the countries in Southeast Asia (ASEAN) should focus on reducing tension in the South China Sea region. According to Prime Minister Hun Sen, it is important to maintain regional stability.

"Maintaining peace and regional security is indispensable for the prosperity of ASEAN,

Hun Sen's statement came in a meeting of the 45th ASEAN Ministerial in Cambodia which will run until from July 8 to 13 July. Cambodia itself now serves as chairman of ASEAN.

In his opening speech Prime Minister Hun Sen also urged delegates to emphasize the South China Sea dispute resolution by adhering to the _Code of Conduct_.

South China Sea disputes that involve a number of countries has long rumored to be a major issue at the meeting will also be attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States (U.S.) Hillary Cinton and Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi. The tension in this region alone has increased between Vietnam, the Philippines and China.

Vietnam and the Philippines accused China increasingly aggressive claims a number of areas as part of the country. Manila had urged ASEAN to persuade China to abide by _Code of Conduct_. However, Beijing seems to be more interested to resolve the dispute bilaterally.

China previously has thrown accusations, the Philippines masterminded a plot aimed at generating conflict in the South China Sea. A media report quoted China has even predicted that the Philippines will make this issue a major focus of the ASEAN Ministerial meeting in Cambodia.

Beijing said that it remained on the initial attitude of resolving the dispute through bilateral talks between the countries involved in it. Panda's country also explicitly reject ASEAN's involvement in peace efforts.
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30 killed Due to Heat Waves in the U.S..

Citizens of the United States (U.S.) when tormented with hot air that hit. Heat wave that strikes Uncle Sam's rumored to have killed 30 people.

Heat that hit reportedly already reached 38 degrees celsius in several cities, including Washington, where the temperature in the capital of the U.S. reached 40.5 degrees Celsius. Warmer temperatures are also felt in 20 other states.

30 people were reported killed by these waves, including nine in Maryland and 10 in Chicago. Most of the victims killed were senior citizens (elderly). While three others were killed in the elderly in their homes in Ohio.

Heat waves also left three other people in Wisconsin, two in Tennessee and three others in Pennsylvania. Heat waves also trigger some of the houses owned by the power shortage.

This condition also causes chaos in the transport pathway in Illinois and Wisconsin. While in Maryland, heat waves cause interference on the railroad as it expands due to heat. Memuainya rail caused a train car off the track, lucky no passengers were injured in this incident.

While 120 thousand in West Virginia and approximately eight thousand citizens of Baltimore and Washington DC did not have power. The breakdown of power supply be caused this heat wave.
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East Timorese Choose Representatives.

Today, Saturday (07/07/2012), the people of Timor Leste will follow the general elections to elect representatives. This will be a test of the young state to determine whether the UN peacekeepers can go according to plan, namely the end of this year.

Polling places will be open from 07:00 local time and that voting will last until 15:00. A total of 645 000 registered voters have the right to vote.

There are fears violence will break if none of the 21 contesting parties failed to win a majority and formed a fragile coalition.

After the presidential elections take place safely in two rounds, in March and April, the UN is looking at the election day to be a big test to decide whether the 1300 peacekeeping personnel and other security staff could leave the country within the next six months as planned.

Left-wing Fretilin party, which is identical to the pro-independence struggle, filed a populist platforms, which is using oil money to improve people's incomes and improving education.

Meanwhile, the National Congress Party of Timor Reconstruction (CNRT) campaigning for long term investment for infrastructure projects like roads, electricity, and water.

Both parties will meet ebsar, which rely on the figure of its chairman CNRT, Xanana Gusmao, the prime minister seeks to maintain.

Election and its results will decide whether the new East Timorese celebrate the 10th anniversary of its independence from Indonesia was ready to take over security.

Integration of the UN mission in Timor Leste (UNMIT) the total magnitude persenel 3000 military, police and civilians. Those in charge since 2006, after the outbreak of the political crisis that excuse killing dozens of people and causing tens of thousands of people have been displaced.
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Singapore MRT Not Kept.

Transportation system Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) in Singapore was in the spotlight, especially after the disruption they have experienced some time ago. SMRT is reportedly not well maintained.

An investigation panel set up to unravel the mess SMRT system in December last year, criticized the management of SMRT SMRT to continue service without completing the problems they experience. In fact, the interference experienced by SMRT could make ribuaan passengers trapped underground.

The findings of the Committee of Inquiry (COI), also confirmed that the operator SMRT did not have enough technicians to perform regular maintenance. These conditions create a fleet of SMRT was interrupted.

"At first glance, appear regular fleet maintenance. But the schedule for preventive maintenance activities exceed most manufacturers' recommendations. However, it seems there is a difference between what is included in the official record of what happened in the field,

"We found the work procedures and control mechanisms of the maintenance branch there is no coordination," added the COI report.

Last December, SMRT paralyzed transport systems in Singapore. This condition affects approximately 127 thousand commuters, including those who are trapped in an underground train carriage. They were trapped after the train was not fed enough power, just as the busy office hours.

SMRT management was criticized for continuing to operate their trains, with no improvement in the system menyuluruh. As a result, some problems still persist and affect residents.
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Is it true that Yasser Arafat Poisoned?

The Palestinian Authority on Wednesday (07/04/2012), approved exhuming Yasser Arafat after new allegations that he was poisoned with radioactive polonium-210 in 2004.

A Swiss institutions that examine the clothes left by Arafat's widow, Suha, as part of the Al Jazeera report claimed, the agency found levels of polonium-210 "very high", although the symptoms described in the Palestinian president's medical report did not correspond with the material radioactive.

The Palestinian government said it would approve the request to issue a Suha Arafat Arafat's body for an autopsy of his tomb in the city of Ramallah, the West Bank.

"Authority, as long as this attitude, ready to cooperate fully with the investigation and cleared the way for the real cause, which resulted in the death of the President (Arafat)," said Nabil Abu Rdeineh, a spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

"I want the world to know the truth about the assassination of Yasser Arafat," said Suha Arafat told Al Jazeera.

Suha does not directly point to the accused party, but according to Reuters, said that Israel and the United States saw Arafat as an obstacle to peace.

The findings sparked suspicion the old Palestine that Israel was behind the death of 75-year-old ex-combatants are. Arafat, a long illness, was taken by air to a military hospital in France, where he died on 11 November 2004.

French doctors who treated him in his last days said they could not confirm the cause of Arafat's death. French officials, who hide behind privacy laws, declined to give details about the nature of his illness.

Polonium, which apparently ingested through eating an, also found as the cause of death of former Soviet spy, Alexander Litvinenko, in London in 2006. He died slowly.

Israel has denied involvement in the death of Arafat. The leader of the Jewish domestic intelligence service, Shin Bet, Avi Dichter was on Wednesday, saying "responsibility in the hands of officials" Palestine.

"The body was in their hands. Bodies are located in Ramallah, and indeed, all the keys in their hands,
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Van Persie Will Not Renew Contract.

Arsenal striker Robin van Persie, saying it will not renew his contract. According to him, because he and Arsenal not in agreement about the management of the club and had nothing to do with salary.

"This is a notice to fans of the situation. I'm still for it out of respect and loyalties to the club and because of a deal with Ivan Gazidiz and Arsene Wenger, but because there are a lot of speculation in the media, I think it fair to the fans you know what is actually happening now, "said Van Persie.

"As announced earlier this year, I have met with Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidiz after the season ends. This is a meeting of the club's future strategy and policies. Financial affairs or the contract was not discussed, because it was not my priority."

"Personally, I had a great season, but the goal-golku was created for the title with the team and bring the club back to its heyday. Due to greater respect for Arsene Wenger, the players, and fans, I do not want to talk more far, but unfortunately, at the meeting, again became clear to me that we are in many cases do not reach an agreement about how Arsenal have to be managed. "

"I have thought long and seriously about it, but I decided not to extend the contract. You all, the fans, are entitled to disagree with the views and my decision and I will always respect your opinion."

"I love this club and the fans, no matter what happens. I grew and matured for at Arsenal. Everyone at the club and the fans always supported me over the years and I always give my all on and off the field. I'm very proud to be part of this fantastic club for eight years. Immediately after Ivan Gazidis back from vacation for two weeks in America, there will be another meeting and I will preach to you if and when there is progress, "

Van Persie is still under contract until June 30, 2013. Some time ago, Wenger admitted Van Persie ready to defend even without a new contract.
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Turkey Has No Mission to the Syrian Regime Change.

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said his country does not have a special mission to destroy or change the regime in Syria. Assess Turkey, Syria's domestic affairs should be settled by the Syrians themselves.

Arinc expressed his disappointment on the incidence of violence in Syria and confirmed that domestic issues will be solved in Syria by the Syrian society. In addition, Arinc warned all, Turkey is the only country that opposes violence.

"Unfortunately, Syria is supported by several neighboring countries, including China and Russia in the Security Council of the United Nations (UNSC),

"Syria is acting like an attack. And radar data show us that Turkey's jet was shot in international airspace. Syria does not issue a warning when a shot," he said.

Currently, Turkey also has imposed sanctions to cut off contacts with Syria and the Arab countries. Arinc claimed, every Syrian citizen who fled to Turkey have been tortured, and Turkey decided not to make a response to Syria's crackdown. Turkey just to remind, the Syrian helicopters had often entered the territory of Turkey, but Turkey had never shot him down.

A total of 40 thousand people reportedly fled Syria to Turkey to protect themselves from internal war in his country. During the violence continues, Turkey has always opened the door for the influx of refugees borders Syria.
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DLC features Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Pending.

Ubisoft announced the feature Downloadable Content (DLC) to the title game of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will be delayed. Gamers who want to try the DLC is expected to wait until the end of this month.

Reported by Videogamer, Monday (02/07/2012), Strike DLC Arctic previously scheduled cruises on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network on Tuesday (3/7). However, the French game publisher announced that it downloads the new content can be released until late July.

"Arctic Strike DLC package will not be released on July 3, 2012 as has been communicated. We need a little extra time to complete the content," said Ubisoft.

The source of Ubisoft also revealed that the DLC pack will be launched later this month. For exact date, gamers will be notified as soon as possible.

Strike Arctic snow contains three new multiplayer maps, additional maps and Guerrilla. In addition there are six new weapons and new multiplayer named Stockade and levels within the game to 60 levels. DLC is 800 Microsoft Points or require USD10.

Game with the full name, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a title game developed by Ubisoft. First tactical shooter genre, the game comes with a single-player mode, multiplayer and co-op (cooperative).

Told that this game featured four people named Ghost Team Predator. The team was led by Joe Ramirez, mobilized its forces in Nicaragua to destroy the arms trade in the region.
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Temple attacked 10 people killed and 40 wounded.

Two houses of worship that is near the border of Kenya and Somalia was rocked by grenade and gunfire attack. This incident killed 10 people and wounding 40 others.

"The deadliest attack occurred in a house of worship located in the interior of Africa, Garissa. Where it is located only approximately 195 kilometers (km) from the border with Somalia," said Police Commander Philip Ndolo who told The Associated Press Sunday, (01/07/2012).

"The attackers threw two grenades into the house of worship, but only one exploded. When the congregation who was in the house of worship was poured out, they were fired upon. As many as 10 people were killed and 37 others injured," added Ndolo .

Meanwhile, in an attack on a house of worship located in Garissa, the perpetrators reportedly threw a grenade that left three people injured.

Garissa is one of the two major cities in Kenya, which borders Somalia. The city is located in the western part of Dadaab refugee camp that housed approximately 500 thousand Somali refugees. It is thought the attack was carried out by militants of Somalia.

On Friday, June 29th, a group of armed men reportedly kidnapped four international workers. The kidnappers reportedly took their captives across the border into Somalia.
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Pradaxa Lawsuit

Stroke can now be prevented with blood-thinning pills. A drug called Pradaxa was able to reduce the risk of stroke in people with atrial fibrillation the heart's condition. the drug manufacturer, estimates that 5,000 cases of stroke could be prevented each year if the person who administered the drug, not warafin. But in fact many people who died from taking the drug. This drug has resulted in 260 deaths worldwide. If you are experiencing losses due to the drug then you can ask for help from actos class action lawsuit. With the help of actos class suit you can file a claim for the suffering you experience.
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Syria muster 170 tanks in the Near Syrian Border.

A Syrian military officer who defected to the rebel forces Liberation Army Syria (FSA) said that the Syrian government to move no fewer than 170 tanks to near the Syrian border in the northern city of Aleppo.

Gen. Mustafa al-Sheikh, who served as chairman of the Higher Military Council, an association officer who defected, said on Friday (6/29/2012), Syrian tanks were gathered in a nearby village Musalmieh Infantry School in northeast city of Aleppo . The school is located about 30 kilometers from the border with Turkey.

According to al-Sheikh, tanks, most of which comes from the Division of Mechanical-17 was supposed to be deployed to compensate for the movement of the Turkish military on the border, or will be used to attack the central cities of the resistance movement against the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Turkey reportedly has held a variety of weaponry, like rocket launchers and antiaircraft guns at some point on the border with Syria, following a shooting incident F-4 Phantom aircraft owned by the Syrian army, last week.
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Unique Electric cars are selling well in Europe

European market really fell in love with an electric car with unique design, Renault Twizy. This was evidenced by the sales data in five months.

From January to May 2012 electric cars registered 4500 Twizy units sold in the Blue Continent. Germany is a country that most contribute substantially to the total sales reached 1,000 units.

Customers in Germany to assess Twizy more powerful, faster and even though the price is quite high. Twizy 45 kph with the power off at a price of 6990 Euros or the equivalent of Rp83 million. While the version released with a price of 85 kph or 101 millions of Euro 8490.

The manufacturer has also launched a program to reduce the cost of the battery rental expenses from 50 Euros (595 thousand) to 75 Euro (Rp891 thousand) per month.

For your information, Renault became one of the concentration of electric vehicle manufacturers. At least, this French company has three models of electric vehicles the Fluence, Kangoo and Twizy. In addition Renault Zoe is also being developed that take base Renault Clio. The plan of this model will be introduced in the third quarter of this year.
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This Robot Always Win When pitted Suit

Engineers from Ishikawa Oku Lab at the University of Tokyo created a robot with the ability to play suit. Smart robots are claimed will always win 100 percent when pitted against suit by human hands.

Reported by Metro on Thursday (6/28/2021), which created a robotic system that can detect finger movement and shape in a matter of millisecond (ms). Thus, the robot is able to make and deal with moving the frame to win the suit.

Scientists at the University explained that the introduction of a human hand that made ​​the robot was done at a speed of 1 millisecond with a high-speed vision. The system will work after the robot to recognize the position and shape of human hands.

"The angle wrist of the robot hand is controlled by the position of the human hand. Vision is to recognize patterns that make up the fingers of stone, paper and scissors on the shape of human hands," wrote the source of the site.

"After that, the robot's hand showing finger movements that make up the rock, paper and scissors to be able to beat a human finger in the velocity of 1 millisecond," added the source. When the man takes a few seconds to pick rock, paper or scissors in order to win the game suit, but this robot can move quickly, ahead of the human mind.

Going forward, the robot is expected to be further developed. Technology brings motion to support a more complicated job. "This technology can be applied to support the motion and cooperation between humans and robots work, without delay (delay) time," he concluded.
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Embassy of Canada Celebrate Canada Day

Indonesia Canadian Embassy in Canada held a birthday or commonly known as Canada Day to-145. This celebration also marks 60 years of diplomatic relations between Canada and Indonesia.

"Since its inception 145 years ago today, Canada has grown into a country we are proud of, a country that has a vibrant economic force. Canada now has one of the highest living standards in the world and we have the best education," said Canadian Ambassador Mackenzie Clugston in his speech at the Hotel Shangri-La Jakarta, Wednesday (27/06/2012).

In his speech, Mr Clugston also said Canada has been a positive contribution to the international world, including in its bilateral relationship with Indonesia.

"We are proud of our ongoing contribution in the international world and our values ​​continue to keep both at home and abroad. Our goal is to continue to contribute positively, expanded its relationship with any party in which we share our values ​​and interests," says Clugston.

Canada's birthday celebration is directly led by Ambassador Clugston. On this occasion also will attend the diplomats, government officials, business partners Indonesia and Canada as well as the many other circles.

Canada's birthday this time featuring the theme of a multicultural Canada. This theme is considered representing various geographical Canada through the places, traditions and specialties of each region.
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Murray rid Player veteran

Scot, Andy Murray, qualifying for the second round of Wimbledon to get rid of the veteran Russian, Nikolay Davydenko on Tuesday.

Murray, seeded fourth rule out Davydenko 6-1, 6-1, 6-4 in one hour and 35 minutes. Davydenko Murray muffle loud game with game accurate to the rear of the Russian players.

"I was able to place the ball well," said Murray. "I combine it with a slice stroke and it worked well. I am also serving well."

Murray won easily in two sets 6-1, 6-1. In the third set, Davydenko tried to get up, but he made some unforced errors which made ​​him lose 4-6.

Andy Murray hopes to become Britain's first tennis player to win back the title after 76 years.
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Why pay benefits articles Having a Great

If you want your website to get more visitors then you should have a quality article. Quality of articles is an article that has the allure of the article is not arbitrary. The article must meet several criteria, including a unique, fresh, interesting, and informative. article writing service provide quality articles for you.
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"We Are War & Must Win"

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad declared that his country was facing a serious battle. Syria's Assad urges all officials in order to win his attention.

Video footage of Assad's speech appeared in the crossfire when entering the territory of Damascus. National media SANA, reported that armed militants had blocked the road that lies between Damascus and Beirut, Lebanon.

"We live in a real war situation, when we're at war, all policies and all sectors in this administration should focus on for the victory," said Assad, told Reuters on Wednesday (27/06/2012).

Besides facing opposition or armed militant factions, Syria also received threats from Turkey. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, Syria must be aware of Turkey's anger, because Syria shot down a Turkish plane last Friday. Turkey had already mobilized its armed forces to the Syrian border to be aware of the existence of open conflict.

Currently, Turkey to change its foreign policy toward Syria, and looked at each of the armed forces as a threat to Syria. In addition, Turkey is ready to bring his plane to the firing incident of the United Nations (UN).

United States (U.S.) also hinted Syria to respond to the crisis. The U.S. said that Assad has gradually increasingly hopeless look weak and will not be able to maintain its strength. Statement of Uncle Sam asked after the appearance of a report on the defection of Syrian troops.

The U.S. promised to help Turkey, which is nothing but a close U.S. partner in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). But so far, the U.S. would prefer to resolve this issue through diplomatic channels.
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"Alves Want to Play with Juventus"

Zenit St. Petersburg defender. Petersburg Bruno Alves is actually almost joined Juventus in August last year. But unfortunately both sides have yet to find a bright spot to come to terms.

The news was delivered by his father and in the transfer market this summer, the possibility of joining the Turin Alves may well be realized.

"My son could have joined Juventus last season. If Juve and Zenit reach an agreement, Bruno would be happy if the move to Turin, "said Washington Alves, as reported by Tuttosport, Tuesday (26/06/2012).

"He wants to play with one of the great clubs and wearing costumes Bianconeri become an important goal. We'll see what happens in August, "he continued.

Alves joined the Russian club, Zenit in the summer of 2010 ago. He was recruited from Zenit FC Porto with bandrol 22 million Euro. Now the player is 30 years his country was Portugal who managed to penetrate into the Euro 2012 semifinals.
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Also Syria Turkey Shoot Aircraft SAR

A rescue plane sent to search for Turkish fighter planes shot down in the Mediterranean Sea, were also subjected to attack Syria, said a European diplomat told AFP on Monday (6/25/2012).

The Turkish military aircraft is looking for F-4 aircraft and two pilots missing after being shot when targeted by Syrian surface-to-air defense system, Syria, the diplomat explained.

"When an aircraft becomes the target of such a defense system, the pilots received a warning from the utility that their plane was shot," said the diplomat who asked not to be called.

But the plane was not shot, he added. He did not say whether the search planes were flying in international airspace or Syria.

On Sunday (6/24/2012), Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu briefed diplomats of the European Union and NATO member states about the shooting incident by Turkish aircraft.

Turkey was once a close ally of Syria has called for a NATO emergency meeting on Tuesday (6/26/2012) after accusing the Syrians shot down his plane in international airspace.

Until now finding mission aircraft and two pilots are still ongoing, in the waters of Syria at a depth of 1,300 meters. Turkish diplomatic sources say, is not clear whether the two pilots were able to escape using the chair thrower.
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Want Embraces Israel Brotherhood

victory in the presidential election politicians of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt 2012 Israel considered quite alarming. Israel fear, the peace treaty with Egypt, signed in 1979 will be damaged past. Hence, Israel sought to keep embracing the Muslim Brotherhood.

"Israel hopes to continue cooperation with the Egyptian Government, under the peace agreement between the two countries, which aimed to contribute to regional stability," said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as quoted by the Associated Press on Monday (6/25/2012 ).

After Hosni Mubarak step down from power, Israel and Egypt ties marked enough tension. It was evident from the emergence of an attack on the Israeli Embassy in Cairo and the rumors of the removal of a peace treaty Israel and Egypt.

When power is held by the Military Council of Egypt, Israeli officials also said that they did not expect rapid changes in the bilateral relations of Egypt and Israel. However, some parties claim, the peace agreement will remain and always be maintained.

The Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt was established in 1928 ago. The movement was pan-Arabism is a movement that demands the establishment of an Islamic state in the Middle East. But the movement was branded as a movement banned by the military government of Egypt.

The victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt's 2012 presidential election and a historic event that had appeared in the land of the Pyramids. Mohamed Mursi newly elected President of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood stronghold, voicing a message of peace to the world. But the Mursi did not mention Israel in a statement.

Mursi is a figure that is known to criticize Israel, the aide Mursi Mursi was also told that would not meet with Israeli officials. The 60-year-old man would prefer to appoint a special officer, to take care of the bilateral relations of Egypt and Israel
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Prince Naruhito Select Thailand

Japan's Prince Naruhito Crown chose Thailand as the first country he visited in the first official visit. According to the Bangkok Post website on Friday (6/22/2012), it begins a state visit on Monday (6/25/2012).

Meanwhile, Japanese Ambassador to Thailand Seiji Kojima, Prince Naruhito will also visit Cambodia and Laos. "PM Yingluck Shinawatra who invited Prince Naruhito," he added.

In the three-day visit, Prince Naruhito will meet with Prime Yingluck at Government House. Last month, Prime Minister met with Crown Prince Naruhito Yingluck in Tokyo. "The King and Queen of Thailand will pay tribute to Prince Naruhito," said Seiji Kojima.

Prince Naruhito's visit is a marker of 126 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Thailand.
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Happiness Increases Sense of adventure

Vacation to tourist attractions is now the choice of many people to escape from the bustle and refresh the mind. However, if you want a higher sense of happiness, go traveling or adventure.

Unforgettable experience that we get from traveling to new places turned out to provide a greater sense of satisfaction than if we were on vacation to a luxury or a concert in order to impress others.

"When people spend money to do something to impress others, it will reduce the sense of satisfaction," said Ryan Howell, assistant professor of psychology at San Francisco State University.

Howell conducted a survey of 241 people and found that those who spend money to make new experiences that match your interests to feel more satisfaction. These people will eventually feel more competent and not lonely.

"Questions you should ask ourselves is why we spend money. Personal motivation that will affect the feeling of happiness," he said.

A vacation is supposed to make the body and mind back to prime. So, do not let the money set aside to fund the holiday did not even give any experience.
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Beware of Foreign Military Presence

Asia and Southeast Asia are progressively fed international geopolitical interests embrace a number of powerful countries in the world. Along with that is also growing foreign military presence in Asia and also in Southeast Asia. It is also a thing to watch.

"With the foreign military presence in the region, is not likely to happen factors that would interfere with the integrity of the nation," said Chairman of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Islamic Students Movement (PMII) Addin Jauharudin the Embassy, ​​in Moscow, Russia, Sunday (17/6 / 2012).

Kompas reported Saragih Wartawam Simon, meeting at Embassy in Moscow was also attended by Chairman of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Islamic Students Association (HMI PB) Fajrieansyah Noer, Vice Secretary General of the International Relations Field PB HMI Chairul Basyar Muhammad, Secretary General Students Study Circle (Lisuma) Dhika Yudhisthira, and Chairman of Ekayastra Unmada (The spirit of One Nation) Putut Prabantoro. Putut is also the chairman of the group in order comparison study of pluralism and unity of nations in Russia.

To avoid it, said Addin, a must-have handbook Indonesia is maintaining the integrity of the nation by strengthening the unity and unity from within. "This is one thing we can do in the face of potential disintegration of the related forward foreign military presence," said Addin.

He says so because the foreign military presence also has the potential to dictate the countries in the region and, furthermore, can disrupt and threaten the integrity of the nation. "It is one thing we have to consider in the future," he said.

Accordingly, Professor Sudaryanto, RI-born who became citizens of Russia and is now teaching at the Cooperative Institute for Russia, warned that Indonesia must maintain unity. "We must avoid the pattern of divide et impera as happened in the colonial era," he said in a meeting also attended by a number of Russian observers of Indonesia.

A Russian student who sail on Indonesian also stressed that Russia wants Indonesia remains intact and united. "We love Indonesia as a country that respects the sovereignty of nations and civilizations," said Galina Beltyukova, a student of Russian.
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Bombs Car Kill 8 Civilians

A car bomb exploded in Logar, 60 kilometers south of Kabul, Afghanistan on Wednesday (06/20/2012). The incident killed eight civilians.

The Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan, as news Xinhua, acknowledged the occurrence of violence. In detail, the dead were two women, four children, and two men.

Meanwhile, police investigations showed more than two people were injured in the incident. The Ministry accused the Taliban of masterminding the event.
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The Best Way To Market Your Hotel

In this modern world of hotel has been part of human history. Hotel is owner managed companies by providing food, drink and facilities for sleeping rooms to people who are traveling and unable to pay a reasonable amount in accordance with the service received in the absence of special agreements. Hotel is a very important need for people who want to rest and also to stay when traveling. See how much someone will need hotel, then now is a lot of popping the hospitality business. Hospitality business is a business that provides a huge advantage. In order for your business can run properly then you should have to promote it properly, so people know the hotel that you offer.

To facilitate you promote your hotel, we will help you. we have hotel internet marketing which will be very beneficial to you. to use hotel and will be better known and well known to many people. We have quite a long time in the field of marketing hotel online. Even if you want to make our website can help you in hotel web design. The right way then you will benefit greatly.
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